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Q: What payments do you accept?




Q: What is Remote Support?

A: Remote Support is our proprietary system that allows us to connect to your computer remotely and work on it in front of you as if a technician was there on site. This is also known as shadowing. This allows us to solve your issue faster and save costs for you.


Q: What is DataGuard™?

A: DataGuard™ is our solution to make sure your business never stops running. Data is a crucial to your business operation and our system will make sure your data is safe and always available. If a workstation fails we can have it up and running in minutes with zero data loss. Using external drives or “My Books” is not a recommended practice for commercial backup and reliability.


Q: Why are your camera systems better than others?

A: Unlike other companies we are not trying to sell you an older outdated unsecured system to try and move old inventory. We install newer systems known as IP cameras. They are the next generation of cameras using CMOS sensors which offer a clear image using a cost effective imaging chip. What does that mean? The image quality is 4x better than older devices at a more affordable cost. This is very important because if the quality of the video is poor, it wont help you when you need it the most. Call one of our installation experts today and we will answer any questions you may have.


Q: What locations do you service?

A: Tri-State Area, Parts of Upper New York, Connecticut, New Jersey